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   We are all about helping young people reach their full potential in Jesus Christ through regular times of worship, teaching, and connecting. We will do this through weekly gatherings, Sunday School, and service opportunities both within and outside the church. Our hope is that all of our young people will come to a place where they love God, love each other, and love the world.


    Our vision is to lead students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating environments where they prioritize their relationship with Christ, influence their friends, and experience personal ministry.


• We are a unified movement committed to a lifestyle of worship and mission proclaiming Jesus Christ

• We see children and youth growing in Christian maturity

• We see children and youth taking the lead role in shaping their world

• We see children and youth reaching their God given potential as partners with the Holy Spirit by being transformed into the likeness of Jesus (2 Cor. 3:16)

• We see children and youth providing godly leadership within the Christian and non-Christian culture

• We see leaders committed to a life calling serving Jesus Christ


    We have specifically designed our programs to meet needs, nature growth, and challenge the status quo. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation and understanding of how God is real and relevant. We want to help students understand faith and purposely guide them toward their next step of faith, whether that involves accepting Christ as their Savior, choosing to be baptized, or even taking steps toward ministry as they consider college and career choices.


    We seek to forge positive perceptions of Christianity by demonstrating God’s love and respect for all children and youth in our community regardless of their circumstances.


• We exist to provide identity for children and youth by models a vibrant relationship with God through the power of the Holy Spirit, principled teaching of the Bible, and training for a life of ministry

• We exist to provide children and youth with an opportunity to meet a God who loves them

• We exist to participate in the advancement of the Kingdom of God through service projects and mission opportunities

• We exist to encourage, uplift, and strengthen families in their relationship with God by equipping parents to guide their kids to their own faith

• We believe that the church and the family are to work together for the spiritual growth of children