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Mission Statement

Striving to help you connect to Jesus

We desire to be a Presence seeking, Presence keeping, Presence revealing church!

Exodus 33:14-15 - My Presence will go with you…


Matthew 28:20 - [Jesus said] I am with you always…

We are a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, to find out more about what the C&MA believes click here

The mission of  "Living Waters Church" is based on the story of Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well in John 4. Jesus brought living water to this woman and we hope to bring living water to the people of Parsippany.  In order to bring living water to people in our community we follow the example of Jesus:


• Jesus met her outside of the synagogue and the temple and he met her where she was—at the well—his ministry went outside into the community. Jesus crossed over racial, social and religious barriers to meet her -

• Jesus accepted her as she was but helped her to become all that she could be

• Jesus spoke to her about her physical needs as well as spiritual needs

• Jesus spoke to her about eternal life

• Jesus dealt with her choices that led to broken relationships

• Jesus involved her in ministry right away— the whole town came to Him because of her testimony


God's Presence

Seek it! Keep it! Reveal it!